Show with Silk City Chorus

Lemon Squeezy

The year 2014 is coming to an end, but that also means the beginning of something else! We couldn't wish for a better start with our first ever overseas chapter show together with Silk City Chorus and bronze medalists Main Street. We are truly honored to be invited all the way from Sweden to be a part of this. Tickets can be ordered online HERE! See you there!

With this we would like to wish you all a happy new year and that we hope to see you soon!

December 28th 2014 - by lemon squeezy

Freshly Squeezed and 5th in the world

Lemon Squeezy

Awesome photo by Shawn York

Lemon Squeezy has had a very eventful year. We have successfully recorded our first CD, which was an amazing experience! During the same time, we also had to rehearse for this year's international convention held in Las Vegas.

The time spent really paid off. We were really happy with how our debut album came out and as if that wasn't enough, on the 5th of July we finished as the 5th best quartet in the world. Needless to say, we are overwhelmed.

Our CD is now available for purchase in our store! Digital copies will be available later this year.

Love and kisses!

September 12th 2014 - by lemon squeezy

Despite the post-convention-depression

Lemon Squeezy

Awesome photo by Shawn York

After three delayed flights, lost luggage and extreme loss of sleep we have finished yet another chapter in our journey together as a group. This was the third time Lemon Squeezy competed in the International Championships in barbershop singing that this year were held in Toronto, Ontario! We finished 14th, singing four songs that we are extremely proud of. The reactions we have received from the audience in Toronto as well as from those who followed the competition on the webcast have been absolutely overwhelming! You make us want to work even harder in the future!

Having said this, we will now refocus on whatever we will end up doing before next year's competition in Las Vegas! Maybe work on our repertoire, record a CD or perhaps some custom arrangements? Who knows!

Love and kisses!

July 10th 2013 - by lemon squeezy

Headed for Toronto

The past couple of months have been seriously eventful for us! Singing with our new baritone, Mattias Larsson, definitely sticks out though! We can't find superlatives grand enough to describe the joy we are experiencing with him at our side. Our biggest achievement so far is of course winning SNOBS at the end of April, having only rehearsed for about two months. After that, it was an easy decision to go to Toronto for the internationals, but living across the Atlantic ocean comes with some financial difficulties..

Therefore we would like to thank everyone who has helped us make the bold move of going anyway! We'll be on the plane to Toronto in just five days, which is lucky for us, because we simply can't wait one more second!

See you there!

Also, don't forget to like our facebook page so you can follow everything that's going on over there!

June 24th 2013 - by lemon squeezy

Back home again

Lemon Squeezy

Lemon Squeezy has finally arrived in Sweden again after nearly five months abroad! Four of those months, we've been working aboard the cruise ship Celebrity Equinox as an onboard acapella group. Following that, we stayed in Florida for just about two weeks to attend the annual Midwinter Convention held in Orlando. The remaining time, we toured middle and high schools around Florida to spread barbershop and all the awesomeness it holds. We also had the absolute honor of meeting with the 2012 Rising Star Champions, GQ for a couple of days which was an insane, intense and awesome experience that we hope to recreate in the near future!

The year 2013 holds many new challenges, competitions and journeys together - we can't wait to get back on stage as much as is humanly possible!

February 3rd 2013 - by lemon squeezy

Is this a dream?

Lemon Squeezy

Awesome photo by Shawn York

"And your 2012 Collegiate World Champions are.. LEMON SQUEEZY!" We have honestly no idea of what just happened.. Everything went by so quickly!

Tuesday the 3rd of July, Lemon Squeezy was announced as your 2012 Collegiate World Champions! Now a week later we find ourselves back in Sweden again, wondering whether it all was real or not! As if that wasn't enough of a blast, we also managed to finish 19th in the big-boy contest and earned the Dealer's Choice Award as the highest scoring rookie quartet in the world.. The list grows longer than we dare to admit!

But hang on, there is more! Our big-brother quartet Ringmasters went ahead and won the big-boy contest as the first affiliate male quartet in the world to do so! We would like to thank them and our coach and mentor, Doug Harrington so very much for everything they have done for us!

And last but not least, our very own chorus Zero8 finished 4th in the chorus competition, placing higher than any affiliate chorus ever before!

There are no words to describe how happy we are for all of this, and without further explanation, we would just like to thank everyone so much for the support we have felt from every corner this past week!


July 10th 2012 - by lemon squeezy

Off to Venice!

VeniceOnce again, Lemon Squeezy is asking if it possibly could get any better? We have barely gotten any rest since the SNOBS convention, and suddenly we are off to a one week gig in Venice! We kind of just figured that the weather in Stockholm wasn't warm enough, so why not?

What will actually happen is that we are going to inaugurate a brand new cruise ship, the Costa Fascinosa! As far as we know, we are going to contribute in a few ceremonies during the first days, and after that we are even going to be a part of the maiden voyage! And since we are so kind, we gladly accepted this fine opportunity!

We will try our best to keep our facebook page updated with all the shiny details during our stay! Until then, ciao!

May 4th 2012 - by lemon squeezy

What a competition..

Lemon Squeezy

Where to begin? Lemon Squeezy had a fantastic convention and competition over the past two days: third place in the big competition, first place in the collegiate competition and best improved quartet! We got ourselves a very satisfying average score of 77.1 which qualifies us for the college competition as well as the big competition in Portland, Oregon this summer!

MedalsAs if it couldn't get any better, our chorus Zero8 probably made it's best competition performance ever, scoring an average of 89.2! You might guess what happened during the rest of the night. One clue is that it currently is about 5 pm the day after, and we just woke up!

We would also like to thank the whole society of nordic barbershop singers for a truly awesome convention! Lemon Squeezy has agreed on that SNOBS should be held at least twice a year!


April 29th 2012 - by lemon squeezy

SNOBS coming up

snobsThe 27-28th of April, Lemon Squeezy will once again compete in SNOBS - the nordic championship of barbershop singing! This is the 32nd time the competitions are held, this time on Lidingö in Stockholm, Sweden! We have been looking forward to compete again since it was two years since we last had the opportunity! Our goal is to qualify for the international championships this coming summer, in Portland, Oregon.

Furthermore, the SNOBS convention always ends up being such a terribly awesome party..!

April 25th 2012 - by lemon squeezy